Markets We Serve

Staffing / Employment Services

Developed an intelligent, automated email marketing system that averages 500,000+ emails to a client database of over 2 million.  The system is designed to match job seekers with open job orders, email the job seeker and then track results.  Recruiters are alerted when a job seeker is emailed about their jobs as well as when a job seeker takes action; such as opening the email or click on a link to the online job posting.  The system also builds actionable intelligence by categorizing what types of jobs the seekers respond to, builds a profile and then can automatically better target to the seeker by only offering jobs that fit the profile.


Entertainment / Nightclub

Developed a SMS based alert system that allowed club patrons to text message a custom number to opt themselves into receiving text message updates.  Club owners could quickly segment and create customized messages to be automatically sent to their database from their smart phone.


Legal / Financial Consulting

Developed an enterprise phone solution to remotely manage and support a mission critical call center.  Problems can be diagnosed and fixed from any device that has internet access.


Software / E-commerce

Developed a system that enabled client to develop custom profiles based upon shopping cart data, and advertise specific products and test custom messages with the addition of A/B testing.  Results were tracked and winning combinations were determined based upon revenue generated.